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About the author

Felix Velarde started one of the world’s first web design agencies, Hyperinteractive, in 1994 then had a high-profile, twenty-year career as a serial entrepreneur and CEO.

Felix co-created Head-Space, which Forbes has described as one of the world’s ten most influential websites. He has been the subject of a BBC documentary, won several of the world’s biggest marketing awards, and was an adjunct professor at Hult International Business School.

In 2014 Felix started helping companies who wanted to scale fast. Many of these companies have become market leaders, and several have sold making their owners millions.

In 2016 he joined the organising team of People-Centered Internet, chaired by the Internet’s co-inventor and architect Vint Cerf and co-founded by CRM pioneer Mei Lin Fung.

Felix is the founder of 2Y3X, a two-year growth acceleration programmeprogram for ambitious business leaders. Scale at Speed is the manual for it. You can find out more about how it helps businesses on the 2Y3X website. He is also head of strategy and a co-founder at AVA Acquisitions, which is building an agency group in the US.

Felix is an agency chairman, proposition development expert, and consultant for companies who want to maximise exit value. You can find out more at Felix Velarde’s website.

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“Felix is a rare breed. He understands deeply what makes businesses tick, is well connected, ambitious and very commercially savvy. He’s genuinely passionate about innovation, both in technology and business. He has a great understanding of the UK market and is well positioned to support a board from a positioning, strategy and M&A perspective. Last but absolutely not least – a genuinely decent human being who is diligent about doing the right thing.”

Tim Deeson, fomer CEO, Deeson Group